Smart Applications & Technologies for Electronic Engineering, SATEE 2018

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Conference Program SATEE 2018

Friday 22nd June 2018

8.00-8.45 Breakfast

9.00-9.15                 Opening Ceremony. Welcome addresses (Senate Hall, Apor Palace)

9.15-9.35                 Opening messages – representats of București, Cluj- Napoca, Iași, Suceava, Pitești Universities

9:35-10.00    Electronics Engineering Opportunities and Paradigms - Anniversary of Electronics Engineering Ceremony

10.00-10.20            Excellence Diplomas Awarding Ceremony

10.20-11.30            DHC, Plenary1 (Senate Hall, Apor Palace)

Plenary 1.  Moderatori: Assoc. prof. Emilian Ceuca, Prof. Adrian Tulbure

Gheorghe BREZEANU, University Politehnica of Bucharest

Silicon carbide Sensors for Harsh Environment Applications

11.30-11.45             Coffee break

11.45-13.30             Plenary Session: 2, 3, 4 (Senate Hall, Apor Palace)

Plenary 2.  Moderatori: Prof. György GYÖRÖK, Assoc. prof. Mircea Rîșteiu

Mihaela ALBU, University Politehnica of Bucharest

Future electricity grids: conflicting visions, common perspective

Plenary 3.  Moderatori: Prof. Corneliu Rusu, Assoc. prof. Remus Dobra

György GYÖRÖK, Obuda University of Budapest, Hungary

Continuous Operation Monitoring of Electronic Circuits with Embedded Microcontroller

Plenary 4.  Moderatori: Prof. Mihaela Albu, Prof. Adrian Tulbure

Corneliu RUSU, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

Adaptive lenght one-dimensional discrete phase retrieval

13.30-15.00           Lunch – University Restaurant

15.00-15.45           Sponsors presentation (Senate Hall, Apor Palace)

15.45-17.15           Parallel Workshop

  1. Flexible and Adaptive System in Production Flows 

Moderator: Assoc. prof. Manuella Kadar, Assoc. prof. Adriana Birlutiu 

Location: Council Room, Apor Palace.  

2. The Simulation and Circuit design in the Implementation of the Research Projects 

Moderator: Assoc. prof. Emilian Ceuca, Florin Ignat 

Location: Senate Hall, Apor Palace

17.15-17.30             Coffee break

17.30-19.00             Moderator: Assoc. prof. Gheorghe Marc

1. Parallel Sessions SATEE (LIT Room, Apor Palace)

17.30-19.00            Moderator: Lecturer Maria Loredana Boca

2. Parallel Sessions SATEE (Stefan Apor, Apor Palace)

19.30-22.30             Conference dinner

Saturday 23rd June 2018

8.30-9.00                Breakfast

9.00-10.30              Round table (Senate Hall, Apor Palace)

Moderator: Ioan Ileana and Adrian Tulbure 

Topic 1: „10 years of Electronical Engineering in Alba Iulia. Past. Present. Future perspective” 

Topic 2: Practical approach and graduation thesis at ETTI University Politehnica of Bucharest, Prof.       Cristian Negrescu, Prof. Gheorghe Brezeanu; 

    University Admission - Faculty of ETTI, Technical University of Cluj Napoca, Prof. Gabriel        Oltean; 

       Possibilities of ISI Journal Publications – University of Suceava, Prof. Adrian Graur; 

     Modern doctoral school in Electronics Engineering - Technical University of Iași, Prof. Liviu        Goraș

10.30-12.00            Moderator: Lecturer Elisabeta Mihaela Ciortea

3. Parallel Sessions SATEE (LIT Room, Apor Palace)

Moderator: Lecturer Constantin Huțanu

4. Parallel Sessions SATEE (Apor1, Apor Palace)

12.00-12.30 Cultural program - Alba-Carolina